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About the Stylist
SHAVON AKHAN is one of the nation’s leading natural hair care experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field. She is sought out by clients globally due to her unique approach and philosophy. Shavon has elevated her skill set as a stylist to the level of “organic hair artist” and has perfected this holistic approach where she collaborates with each client to create an individually-tailored style. Her journey as a stylist from her kitchen to a six-figure income, all while juggling the demands of parenting, is inspiring. 
She has mastered both the art as well as the science of hair care. Shavon 

Shavon Akhan

"My intention is to create an environment that is holistic and nurturing to our sacred beauty."  

As seen in:

understands how to work with the client’s natural hair pattern to create protective styles that cultivate and maintain healthy hair. After attending the long-standing Dudley’s Beauty College in 1995, She decided to focus her business on preserving the integrity of the cultural art form of natural hairstyling. Shavon trained under gurus in the field such as renowned Master Braider Taliah Waajid, has received certification in more than 20 techniques, and is a member of The American Hairbraiders and Natural Hair Care Association (AHNHA). She has developed a series of highly anticipated workshops that teach techniques on how to love and nurture your hair and body naturally. Shavon’s motto is that every client should GLO’ IN THEIR NATURAL BEAUTY!” 
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